University Brand Committee
The university brand committee approves visual branding of all BYU entities and addresses questions and requests regarding visual identity guidelines.
Contact: Jeff McClellan,, 2-8762

Publications & Graphics
BYU Publications & Graphics manages the BYU Brand Guide and creates all visual identities for major academic entities (colleges and departments). Publications & Graphics designers are also available to create visual identities for other campus entities.
Contact: Jeff McClellan,, 2-8762

University Communications
University Communications manages the BYU Web Community as well as the BYU Social Media Committee; they help establish standards and guidelines for online communication.
Contact: Joseph Hadfield,, 2-9206

Athletics Marketing
Athletics Marketing creates branding and marketing materials for athletic teams.
Contact: Dave Broberg,, 2-4907

Print and Mail Production Center
Print and Mail Production Center produces all BYU stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelopes). No stationery for BYU entities may be printed elsewhere.
Contact:, 2-2741

BYUSA Design Team
The BYUSA design team approves all visual identities for BYUSA clubs; they are also available to create club identities, as needed and desired.
Contact: Nathan Ward,, 2-6854

Academic Vice President’s Office
The academic vice president’s office approves all visual identities for student academic associations.
Contact: Kirsten Thompson,, 2-4331

Licensing & Trademark Administration
Licensing & Trademark Administration manages university trademarks and licensing agreements with vendors. All merchandise created with BYU marks must be approved by Licensing & Trademark Administration.
Contact: Adam Parker,, 2-1920