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How to Use Brand Messages

We’ve crafted five key messages—a core brand message and four supporting messages—to highlight the different facets of the BYU experience. This messaging reflects common ground for all of BYU’s audiences (see Reaching Our Audiences for specific audience messages).

The BYU Brand Message

The Fundamental BYU Story

All our messaging builds on and amplifies this message.

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For the Benefit of the World

We believe a world yearning for hope and joy needs the graduates of Brigham Young University. As disciples of Jesus Christ, BYU graduates are motivated by love for God and His children. BYU graduates are directed by living prophets and prepared to serve, lift, and lead. This preparation demands a unique university model: at BYU, belief enhances inquiry, study amplifies faith, and revelation leads to deeper understanding.

At BYU, helping students to develop their full divine potential is central to both our teaching and our scholarship. As the flagship higher education institution of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU strives to emit a unique light for the benefit of the world—a light that will enable BYU to be counted among the exceptional universities in the world and an essential example for the world.

Supporting Messages

Faculty and Staff

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Disciples, Scholars, Mentors

Our faculty are accomplished scholars, practitioners, and artists. They’re also devoted to their faith and to their students. They choose to be at BYU because they want to be part of a community where there are no walls between faith and reason and where teaching and research are equally valued. For BYU faculty, making a direct and enduring impact on students—in the classroom, lab, and studio—is an expectation and a calling. Our administrators and staff share this devotion to faith, to excellence, and to students and provide an essential mentoring influence.

The Why

Although a growing number of our faculty are first-rate scholars, they aren’t at BYU to build their resume or CV. BYU faculty are committed to their students; they care about their students’ personal well-being and faith. The relationship isn’t just academic—it’s also pastoral.

This message also acknowledges the important role other members of the BYU community play in students’ lives.

Student Community

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By Study, By Faith, By Experience

Our students learn by study, from respected scholars and dedicated teachers. They learn by faith, enlightened by gospel perspectives and the Spirit of God. They learn by experience, through research, internships, international study, student jobs, and a remarkable variety of extracurriculars—Church congregations, campus clubs, performing groups, athletics. Exceptionally talented students aspire to BYU because it represents a world-class education and much more: it’s a caring community, gathered together in shared beliefs and values and committed to helping them realize their full potential as children of heavenly parents.

The Why

BYU students represent a wide range of life experiences. They are open and eloquent and overwhelmingly expressed great love for BYU, even as they frankly talked about the ways the institution needs to improve. And of course they represent a wide range of life experiences.

Alumni Outcomes

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Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Serve

We educate our students to excel for the benefit of the world. We can certainly measure their success by the national honors they receive, the competitive graduate programs they enter, and the global organizations that recruit them. But the outcome that matters most is how they put to use the lessons of faith, intellect, and character they have learned here. Our students and alumni care deeply about the lives of others. They lead by example—as lifelong learners, community builders, and problem solvers.

The Why

We’re educating the stewards the world needs—our students are effective stewards of time, their talents, the environments, and their relationships. BYU alumni are valued members of any enterprise because they have the audacious belief that all human beings have the potential to be like their heavenly parents.

Rise and Shout

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Our History, Our Future

BYU began nearly 150 years ago on the edge of the American frontier—the dream of pioneers who insisted learning was as necessary to their lives as food and shelter. Today, we’re the home of Cougar Nation and the world-class embodiment of our faith’s theological imperative to educate. Hundreds of thousands of alumni worldwide look to BYU as the alma mater that nourished transformational experiences in their lives—experiences that continue to energize their service to God, family, profession, and community.

The Why

The story of BYU is an extraordinary testimony to the resilience, theological imperatives and consecrated contributions of our people. The university’s incredible trajectory and continued excellence inspire joy, gratitude, and fierce commitment.