Ringside Narrow

Ringside Narrow is our web font for headings on university web pages. BYU’s license to this font will work on all byu.edu websites (or on a local host during website construction).


Ringside Narrow is included in the web theme and is used in the header, menu bar, and footer. The web theme must not be modified to use other typefaces for these elements.


Ringside Narrow should not be used for body text.

Ringside Narrow Book font-weight: 400
Ringside Narrow Book Italic font-weight: 400
Ringside Narrow Medium font-weight: 500
Ringside Narrow Medium Italic font-weight: 500
Ringside Narrow Bold font-weight: 700
Ringside Narrow Bold Italic font-weight: 700

Public Sans

Public Sans is recommended for body text on university web pages.

Public Sans Regular font-weight: 400
Public Sans Italic font-weight: 400
Public Sans Semibold font-weight: 600

Additional Font Options

Libre Baskerville

If you wish to use a serif typeface on your web page, we recommend Libre Baskerville.

Libre Baskerville Regular font-weight: 400
Libre Baskerville Italic font-weight: 400
Libre Baskerville Bold font-weight: 700

Open Sans

Open Sans is similar to Public Sans and may be used in its place (although Public Sans is preferred).

Open Sans Regular font-weight: 400
Open Sans Italic font-weight: 400
Open Sans Semibold font-weight: 600


Roboto is an alternate sans serif typeface for body text and may be used in place of Public Sans (although Public Sans is preferred).

Roboto Regular font-weight: 400
Roboto Italic font-weight: 400
Roboto Bold font-weight: 700