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Tier 1

Academic entities in tier 1 carry out the university’s core academic mission with its primary audience. Visual identities for these entities are consistent with each other and are strongly aligned with the overall university visual identity.

  • Interim Guidelines

    BYU is in the midst of a major brand study and articulation, expected to be complete in 2020, with new visual identity guidelines launched in 2021. In the meantime

    • All current visual identities (as of May 2019) may continue to be used as they are.
    • Any new visual identities must be created according to the guidelines on these pages, with the clear understanding that these identities are temporary and may need to change when final guidelines are released.

    Tiers Explanation

    Based on the premise that good communication and branding are founded on a clear understanding of purpose and audience relationship, the university has created four tiers to describe different types of entities that operate on campus.

    Tier 1: Academic

    Entities that carry out the university’s core academic mission with its primary audience.

    • Examples: Colleges, schools, departments, divisions

    Tier 2: Campus Support

    Entities that serve administrative or support functions for the academic mission, generally for a campus audience.

    • Examples: Administrative and academic auxiliaries, student life

    Tier 3: Specialized Academic

    Entities that serve special-interest audiences that may be both on and off campus. Audiences may be less connected to BYU than to the subject matter.

    • Examples: Research labs, academic centers, curricular groups, clubs

    Tier 4: Transactional (Service and Entertainment)

    Entities that serve purposes that are an outgrowth of (sometimes tangential to) BYU’s academic mission. Their audience relationship tends to be transactional and the audiences may be broad and diverse.

    • Examples: Restaurants, retail, museums, conferences, publications, broadcasting, performing groups, athletics

    How Do I Get My Interim Visual Identity?

    Publications & Graphics is the primary source for creating and approving interim visual identities.

  • College names are paired with the BYU monogram, with the monogram in navy and the college name in royal blue (preferred usage) and treated in all caps in the Ringside Narrow typeface.


    If desired, college names may appear in navy, paired with BYU in navy (alternate usage).


    On dark backgrounds, the visual identity is all white.


    If desired, colleges may have both formal (full name) and informal (shortened name) wordmarks. Shorter names will communicate more quickly and are recommended for most uses.


    In addition to the horizontal treatment, wordmarks may be created in stacked versions, both left aligned and centered.


  • The visual identities of departments may emphasize the college name or the department name, as shown here. Department names use Ringside Narrow in title case and appear in royal blue. If a college name is shown in a visual identity, it appears in all caps. In department visual identities, the second line is indented, aligning to the right of the BYU monogram.

    College emphasis:


    Department emphasis, with college endorsement:


    Department emphasis, with no college endorsement:


    As with college identities, departments may have formal and informal (long and short) visual identities.