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Academics and Support

Sub-brands: Colleges, schools, departments, centers, campus support services, administration, advancement, student life, and more.

Sub-Brand Logos

Sub-brands are campus units that directly execute or support the academic mission of BYU with its primary academic audiences.

Visual identities for sub-brands pair the BYU monogram with the unit name, in prescribed typeface and color, as outlined below. No additional graphic symbols or shapes may be used.

Never create your own version of the logo. Any deviations from the provided logo or usage guidelines are considered incorrect.

To request approved digital files of your sub-brand logo, contact your college communications manager or BYU Brand & Creative.

Logo Arrangements

Sub-brand logos are provided in a few variations.

  • Alignment: Horizontal and centered/stacked arrangements accommodate different uses.
  • BYU Size: Short names are paired with a BYU that is the same height as the unit name; long names are paired with a BYU that is twice as high.
  • Color: Full color (navy and gray) is preferred, but one-color variations (all navy and all white) are acceptable.
  • File Type: Logos are provided in EPS and PNG file types.
    • EPS files are vector images and can be used at any size. Use EPS for merchandise, print materials, and other large/high-resolution applications.
    • PNG files are not vector and are only suitable for small/low-resolution applications, like a PowerPoint presentation, a website, or a handout printed on a desktop printer.
Horizontal One-Line Logo (short name)
An image that says BYU Life Sciences

Horizontal Two-Line Logo (long name)
an image that says BYU College of Life Sciences

Stacked Logo, Small BYU (short name)
An image that says BYU Library

Stacked Logo, Big BYU (long name)
An image that says BYU College of Life Sciences

Secondary Sub-Brand Logos

The secondary sub-brand logo includes the BYU monogram paired with the name of an academic or support unit, with the name of the respective parent entity below.

An image that says BYU Geography Department College of Family, Home, & Social Sciences

Usage Guidelines

Use as Provided

Do not modify BYU-approved marks in any way.


BYU sub-brand logos and marks must only appear in approved colors. Do not change the color or tint of all or a portion of a logo.

The full-color version of the sub-brand logo is in two colors: navy blue and slate gray. The logo can also be rendered completely in navy, or it can be reversed out to white when placed on a dark background. University logos should only appear in black when used in black-and-white applications. They should never appear in gray.

An image of the BYU color version of the secondary sub-brand logo

Minimum Scale

Logos and marks should be large enough to be legible. In sub-brand logos, the BYU monogram must maintain a minimum width of at least 0.375 inch or 56 pixels.

An image that says BYU College of Life Sciences

Clear Space

Do not crowd BYU's logos and marks. To ensure the legibility, clarity, and prominence of these symbols, keep competing visual graphics outside the designated clear space outlined above, equal to the width of the BYU “B.”

An image that says BYU College of Life Sciences


BYU’s logos and marks should be used on backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast for the logos to stand out clearly. Avoid cluttered or busy backgrounds. When possible, use navy or white as a background for BYU marks.

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO use the logo as provided, in approved colors, at a legible size, and with appropriate clear space.
  • DO choose a background color from the BYU marketing color palette that is light enough or dark enough to provide adequate contrast for readability.
  • DO place the logo on an area of a background photograph that is simple and light or dark enough to provide adequate contrast with the color of the logo.
    An image of BYU do logos.

    • DON’T distort or stretch the logo.
    • DON’T rearrange the elements of the logo.
    • DON’T alter the typography or recreate the logo.
    • DON’T use the logo in colors other than navy, white, or black.
    • DON’T modify the logo with gradients, tints, shadows, textures, patterns, outlines, dimensions, or other visual effects.
    • DON’T crop the logo or use only a portion of it (e.g., do not remove the B and U from the institutional monogram and use only the Y; do not use the stretch Y without the oval container).
    • DON’T use the logo on a background that does not provide adequate contrast for readability or on a complex background that obscures readability.
    • DON’T use the logo as a watermark or background.
    An image of the BYU Logo Do Not

    Request Download

    To request approved digital versions of the logo, contact your college communications manager or BYU Brand & Creative.