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Email Signature


Your email signature is an electronic business card and an official representation of BYU. The recommended BYU email signature is a text treatment that features basic identifying information.

The method for creating an email signature varies by email program. Please contact your computer support representative for guidance with your particular system.

Email Signature


Job Title

BYU Deptartment Name

801-422-XXXX |


If you modify the recommended signature or create your own, please note these best practices:

  • KEEP IT BRIEF: Include only basic information. One phone number is generally sufficient, fax numbers are seldom needed, and email addresses are redundant. For safety and brevity, use a physical address only if necessary.
  • USE STANDARD TYPEFACES: Using default email fonts will help your signature look good in all systems. We recommend a simple sans-serif font like Helvetica or Arial.
  • IMPLEMENT HIERARCHY: To highlight your name, use a combination of bold, all-caps, and a slightly larger type size.
  • USE GRAY, NOT BLUE: In email, navy blue text appears black and royal blue text looks like a hyperlink. Gray effectively sets the signature apart from the body of the email message. Choose a medium gray that is dark enough to be clearly legible but light enough to not look black.
  • AVOID IMAGES: Images in email signatures often come across as attachments, which might be blocked by recipient settings, and usually do not appear as intended. Do not add social media icons to your signature; they create a cluttered look.
  • AVOID EXCESS WORDS: Your email signature is connected to the university’s name, and anything you include in it will communicate on behalf of BYU. Profound quotes or funny anecdotes may be entertaining or inspiring, but they may not represent the university well.