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End Tags

Official videos that represent Brigham Young University or university entities should include an end tag that shows an approved university logo.

  • APPROVED GRAPHICS: Use the BYU primary logo lockup or an approved entity logo that includes the monogram.
  • TIMING: The end tag should appear at the end of the video but before additional marketing footage (i.e., YouTube promos).
  • COLOR: The logo should appear in navy or white (though black may be acceptable when needed).
  • OVERLAP: The logo can appear over video (provided there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the video) or over a solid color (if solid color: white on navy or navy on white are preferred)
  • STATIC AND ANIMATIONS: A static representation of the logo is preferred; brief animations must be approved by BYU Brand & Creative.
  • FILES: For static representations of the BYU primary logo lockup, use the files provided below so the scale is consistent.
  • DURATION: The BYU logo needs to appear only briefly (one to two seconds is sufficient).

Do not modify the logo in any way.

The file linked below includes four variations, all at 4K resolution:

  • White on navy
  • White on transparent
  • Navy on white
  • Navy on transparent


These University Communications news videos are good examples of the end tag in application.