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Student Clubs

Special Interest Clubs

Special interest clubs are under the management of BYUSA and follow BYUSA guidance on branding and communication.

Names and logos for special interest clubs cannot include BYU's name or logo.

Club communications, swag, signage, websites, etc., should display the BYUSA Clubs logo in a secondary location to identify a club's status as an approved university club. The BYUSA Clubs logo should be separate from the club logo and not locked up in one designed unit.

BYUSA Clubs Logo

The BYUSA Clubs logo is available from the BYUSA office.

Student Academic Associations

Student academic associations are governed by the academic vice president's office and the respective college deans.

Some student academic associations are affiliated with national organizations and should follow the naming and branding guidelines for that national organization (if such guidelines exist).

Branding guidelines for other student academic associations are under review.