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Merchandise Guidelines

Merchandise and promotional items allow BYU entities and individuals to express what the BYU brand means to them. Follow these guidelines for BYU-branded swag that effectively represents the university.

  • BRAND ESSENCE: BYU merchandise should reflect the BYU brand: intelligent, inspiring, faithful, caring, excellent, joyful. It should also be consistent with BYU standards and values, including the Honor Code and dress and grooming standards.
  • BYU LOGOS: BYU merchandise should show a BYU logo, when possible, as either a dominant or secondary image. Do not modify the shape of BYU logos and do not add or remove elements. In particular, the Y of the monogram cannot be used on its own, and the stretch Y must always include the ellipse.
  • BYU COLORS: The BYU monogram should appear in navy or white.
  • USE THE MONOGRAM: Nonathletic entities use the BYU monogram logo. A nonathletic entity cannot combine its name with an athletic logo.
  • ATHLETIC EVENTS: A nonathletic entity may use an athletic logo on merchandise for an athletic event, but the entity’s approved logo (using the BYU monogram) must also appear on the item (in a separate location).
  • INFORMAL MERCHANDISE: On informal merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.), artwork can be more informal: the artwork can include graphics and can show the university name in any typeface. But such one-time artwork is not a logo and cannot be repeated. An approved logo should also appear on the merchandise.
  • BYU MASCOT: To represent BYU’s cougar mascot, you can use
    • the sailor cougar;
    • Cosmo (the Cosmo mark, a modified Cosmo mark, or an illustration that is clearly Cosmo); or
    • a photo of an actual cougar.
  • THE Y: Unlike other BYU marks, the block Y can be treated with artistic designs (texture, shading, or dimension). The shape of the Y must not be modified.
  • VINTAGE MARKS: Vintage logos are only allowed for athletic merchandise or merchandise for sale. Nonathletic entities cannot use vintage marks on giveaways.
  • MINIMUM SIZE: Ensure that BYU logos are large enough to be read clearly and to reproduce well. In most applications, the BYU monogram must be at least 0.375" wide; in embroidery, the monogram should be at least 1.25" wide.

Approved Vendors

All BYU-branded merchandise must be produced by a company that has a current licensing agreement with BYU through our licensing agent CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company).

BYU STORE CUSTOM PRODUCTS can provide a variety of branded apparel and promotional products.

  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Location: 1932 WSC (BYU Store, 1st floor)
  • Phone: 801-422-8919
  • Email:

BYU PURCHASING can also help campus entities arrange for branded products.

  • Phone: 801-422-7011

Or you can contact one of these approved vendors directly:


If you have any questions about merchandise or the companies licensed to produce BYU merchandise, contact Adam Parker in BYU Trademark Licensing at 801-422-1920 or