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Put Some True Blue Swagger in Your Swag

Merchandise and promotional items allow BYU entities and individuals to express what the BYU brand means to them. Follow these guidelines for BYU-branded swag that effectively represents the university.

Merchandise Guidelines

  • Brand Essence: BYU merchandise should reflect the BYU brand: intelligent, inspiring, faithful, caring, excellent, joyful. It should also be consistent with BYU standards and values, including the Honor Code and dress and grooming standards.
  • BYU Logos: BYU merchandise should show a BYU logo, when possible, as either a dominant or secondary image.
  • BYU Colors: The BYU monogram should appear in navy or white.
  • Use the Monogram: Nonathletic entities use the BYU monogram logo. A nonathletic entity cannot combine its name with an athletic logo.
  • Athletic Events: A nonathletic entity may use an athletic logo on merchandise for an athletic event, but the entity’s approved logo (using the BYU monogram) must also appear on the item (in a separate location).
  • Informal Merchandise: On informal merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.), artwork can be more informal: the artwork can include graphics and can show the university name in any typeface. But such one-time artwork is not a logo and cannot be repeated. An approved logo should also appear on the merchandise.
  • Do Not Alter Logos: Do not modify the shape of BYU logos and do not add or remove elements. In particular, the Y of the monogram cannot be used on its own, and the stretch Y must always include the oval.
  • Go Cougars! To represent BYU’s cougar mascot, you can use
    • the sailor cougar;
    • Cosmo (the Cosmo mark, a modified Cosmo mark, or an illustration that is clearly Cosmo); or
    • a photo of an actual cougar.
  • Vintage Marks: Vintage logos are only allowed for athletic merchandise or merchandise for sale. Nonathletic entities cannot use vintage marks on giveaways.
  • Minimum Size: Ensure that BYU logos are large enough to be read clearly and to reproduce well. In most applications, the BYU monogram must be at least 0.375" wide; in embroidery, the monogram should be at least 1.25" wide.

Approved Vendors

All BYU-branded merchandise must be produced by a company that has a current licensing agreement with BYU through our licensing agent CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company).

BYU Store Custom Products can provide a variety of branded apparel and promotional products.

  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Location: 1932 WSC (BYU Store, 1st floor)
  • Phone: 801-422-8919
  • Email:

BYU Purchasing can also help campus entities arrange for branded products.

  • Phone: 801-422-7011

Or you can contact one of these approved vendors directly:


If you have any questions about merchandise or the companies licensed to produce BYU merchandise, contact Adam Parker in BYU Trademark Licensing at 801-422-1920 or