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Photography is a powerful way to communicate BYU’s values. Do your best to select professional-quality photographs that

  • meet high technical standards (well-lit, in focus, and of sufficient size and resolution to reproduce well),
  • are composed well artistically, and
  • accurately represent the university’s standards and mission.

University Photographers

We are blessed at BYU with excellent, award-winning full-time photographers who may be available (often for a fee) to help with your photographic needs:

  • University Communications photographers provide university images for the media and cover official university activities and news, including athletic events. They may be available to help departments with photographic needs as well.
  • Brand & Creative produces publications for the university and various campus entities. A staff photographer creates images primarily for projects produced by Brand & Creative.

BYU Stock Photos

On its website, University Communications has made available for download a large collection of stock and historical images.


As you select and use photos, please be familiar with relevant university policy:

Photography Dos and Don'ts

  • DO use photos that are well-lit so you can see the subject clearly.
  • DO select photos that are in focus.
  • DO ensure that your photos are of sufficient resolution to reproduce well.
  • DON'T use photos that are too dark or too blown out.
  • DON'T select photos that are fuzzy and out of focus.
  • DON'T use low-resolution photos at a size that is too large to reproduce well. A good rule of thumb is that print images should be about 300 dpi and digital images should be 72 dpi.