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Athletics and Team Logos

Stretch Y

The distinctive stretch Y logo suggests the university’s athletic success and heritage. This is the university's primary athletic mark.

Stretch Y (Large)

  • Approved uses: Athletics only; the stretch Y cannot be used in non-athletic visual identities or communications.
  • Approved colors: Navy, white, or royal.
  • When needed, athletic teams can use the block BYU in tandem with the stretch Y to clarify the university’s name and identity.

Clear Space Requirement: height of the oval
Minimum Width: 0.5" or 75 px

Download Stretch Y Files (.zip)

Block BYU

The design of the block BYU reflects the Y on the mountain, our most visible identifier. This logo uses a collegiate typeface, suggesting the youth, energy, and tradition of a college campus.

Block BYU (Large)

  • Approved uses: Athletics secondary use, in support of the stretch Y when all three letters of the university name are helpful for identification and clarity
  • Approved colors: Navy, white, or royal.

Clear Space Requirement: width of the B
Minimum Width: 0.5" or 75 px

Download Block BYU Files (.zip)

Cougar Head

The cougar head graphic is an updated version of a mark used in decades past. It evokes both the university’s heritage and its energetic present.

Cougar Head

  • Approved uses: Athletics.
  • Approved colors: Navy, white, or royal.

Clear Space Requirement: width of the cougar head
Minimum Width: 1" or 150 px

Download Cougar Head Files (.zip)

Athletic Wordmark

The athletic wordmark uses a condensed version of Vitesse, the typeface used in the block BYU.

Athletic Wordmark.svg

  • Approved uses: Athletics.
  • Approved colors: Navy, white, or royal.
  • The athletic wordmark is well suited for online applications.

Download Athletic Wordmark Files (.zip)

Usage Guidelines

As we all use BYU’s logos and marks consistently, we protect the integrity of the marks and build familiarity with the marks among our audiences. Please read and follow the usage guidelines below.

Do Not Alter

BYU’s logos and marks must not be altered in any way (color, typeface, shape, texture, pattern, dimension, etc.). The files available for download through this website must be used as is. Do not remove portions of a mark, such as taking out the B and U from the monogram and using only the Y or using the stretch Y without the oval container.



The university logos and marks must only appear in approved colors, as outlined above and on the colors page. Do not change the color or tint of all or a portion of a logo.



BYU’s logos and marks should be used on backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast for the logos to stand out clearly. Avoid cluttered or busy backgrounds. When possible, use navy or white as a background for BYU marks.

Background 1
Background 2
Background 3

Minimum Size

Logos and marks should be large enough to be legible, especially in digital applications. Use the minimum size specifications above.

Minimum Size 1
Minimum Size 2
Minimum Size 3
Minimum Size 4


Do not crowd the university logos and marks. To protect their prominence and avoid competition from other visual graphics, keep competing logos outside the designated clear space.

Spacing 1
Spacing 2

Trademark Symbols

The trademark (TM) and registered (®) symbols are only required on merchandise. You may remove those symbols when logos and marks are used in other university materials (brochures, websites, magazines, signs, etc.).

Incorrect Usage

BYU’s logos and marks must not be:

  • used in non-BYU colors or in other color combinations than those offered for download on this site
  • used in gradients or tints of the approved colors
  • changed to incorporate a different typeface
  • cropped
  • embellished with drop shadows, textures, patterns, outlines, dimension, or other visual effects
  • edited to delete portions (e.g., do not remove the B and U from the institutional monogram and use only the Y; do not use the stretch Y without the oval container)
  • distorted in shape or proportion
  • used as a watermark or background