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General Guidelines

As official representations of the university, BYU business cards and letterhead use approved logos and carefully prescribed designs, as outlined below. All stationery must use these designs, which can be ordered through BYU Print & Mail.


  • CHANGES: You may not design your own stationery items, nor may you change the logo or typeface on stationery.
  • UNIVERSITY LOGOS: Stationery is an official university document and must use university logos, not the logos of individual campus entities.
  • OTHER LOGOS: Stationery may not include additional logos.
  • ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: In addition to standard stationery options, campus entities may order half-sheet letterhead from BYU Print & Mail.

Business Cards

  • FRONT: You may not add more lines of text to the front of the card.
  • BACK: Business cards should not display information on the back of the card. When necessary, contact information in other languages may be printed on the back. Mission statements, scriptures, inspiring quotes, additional logos, or graphic designs are not allowed.

Retirees and students may also order business cards.

Institutional Stationery

Academic, administrative, and auxiliary university entities and personnel use the institutional stationery, which features the medallion and the Requiem typeface.


Athletic Stationery

Athletic teams and related entities use the athletic stationery, which features the stretch Y and the Ringside Narrow typeface.

You may use this stationery only if you report to the athletic director.